Funny Wedding Invitations simply can’t be ignored


Once the Church and venue have been booked, most couples turn their attention to their wedding invitations. Traditionally wedding invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding (allow longer time frame for guests travelling from abroad) this gives plenty of notice for guests to plan their time off work, make their travel and accommodation arrangements.   Everyone loves to get a wedding invitation in the post, we open it quickly to see who is getting married, when the wedding is, and take in all the other important information about the wedding day.   Some wedding invitations are styled in such a way they often give a hint of the style of wedding you are planning for example rustic or whimsical style wedding with a hint of bridesmaid colours.    When it comes to wedding invitations there are no style rules other than ensuring that all the vital information is clear and concise on the invite.  Some couples prefer to keep their invites very traditional usually reflecting their colour theme. However, weddings the last few years have been getting funnier and more light hearted and indeed creative – with invites ranging from GAA ticket style invites to music festival ticket style invites.   Mum’s and Dad’s tying the knot are including their kids in the creative process of styling the invite.  Some couples opt for cartoon versions of themselves to reflect their personalities for example the farmer groom on the tractor with his bride. With wedding invites like these they will sure not be forgotten about and will make a big impact with guests.  Wedding Invitations don’t always have to be like all other wedding invites, inject a bit of your personality into the invite by using humour and raise a laugh amongst your guests when they get your invite!






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